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• 2009-Dec-2 - Stacy Burke gets Hogtied and then some!

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Tickle torture Spanking story

A piece of bdsm personals story: Denaux was right. When the switch landed the second time it caught the right breast only, leaving a welt from cleavage to the outside. A welt arose crossing the first one. And each time the switch fell her breasts seemed to move up to meet it. The next cut I landed side-armed and it caught her left nipple squarely. Her nipple grew even bigger and turned a bright red. Instantly a welt raised crossing her nipple. ..

Hogtied brings you another new face. Keeani is 50% Chinese 50% Latin, which makes her 100% beautiful. She has been bound before, but never like Hogtied. This was the first time she was bound and forced to cum and squirt. We caned her and punished her shaved pussy with tight crotch ropes and floggers. Nothing sexier then a tanned, oiled, smooth body that is helpless and sweating. Please welcome cute Keeani to Hogtied.

Spanking story

The best bondage on the net, where women cannot escape


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• 2009-Dec-2 - video lesbian teen rape

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Torture gallery Torture video

Sample of bdsm personals story: Of course, oral sex wasn't new to me. The problem was that, to me, sucking a man's cock was a very submissive position to be in, and I had not attracted the kind of men who would take full advantage of that position in the past. As Richard and I got into more and more detailed fantasies, I found myself spending half the evening every night playing with myself in front of my new computer. Finally, Richard suggested meeting in person. ..

Kym continues her training of Viva. This time Viva is given the whip and she gets her own back, much to Kym's delight.

Torture video

Real whipping and spanking of beautiful women

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• 2009-Dec-2 - Star has dreams, naughty dreams. Fantasies become reality.

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Spanking blog Bondage video

A bit of bdsm personals story: hell, it was surely stupid and vindictive, to say the least but it's done, and you're going to have to deal with it now. It started with that prison riot last May. > Betty fought to draw in a breath to struggle; to do anything as she was led down the long hallway towards the checkpoint, but the blow to her stomach had completely winded her. With one of his hands around her shoulder to propel her forward as she stumbled along, she was helpless to resist. ..

Nina is back at the expert hands of Torque. First he places her in an uncomfortable tie over a barrel, and then tickles and torments her. Later he suspends her and finally he ties her in the corner with one leg high in the air.

Bondage video

Tight, inescapable bondage, (a slave"s dream)

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• 2009-Nov-29 - Suspension bondage at home.

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Electro torture Free bondage videos

Some bdsm personals story: He had no intention of clouding his dominance of the woman with the thought that physical force was what was compelling her to act. He had no need of physical force. She did it again, then kissed the head. She slid her lips over the head and took it into her mouth, rubbing the lower part of the shaft as she slid her lips down along its length. Her tongue rubbed against the underside of his cockhead, stroking that most sensitive part of his organ. ..

This is an interim update of Nikki. There'll be a full update on Friday as usual. This shoot was cut short because she couldn't be marked in any way due to further work she had in the area. I got complaints even when I resorted to the use of a rabbit skin covered paddle!

Free bondage videos

Real bondage, real bondage loving women/slaves

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• 2009-Nov-28 - lesbian rape girls

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Torture drawings Bondage rape

Kate was still upset. For now, I plan to use you around the house. She appeared to be about twenty-five years old, was in nice shape and had a well built body. Kate, this is Maddy, she will get you dressed and show you what your duties are. She hung her head. The couple began to speak to each other about the events of the day and their purchases. The woman added, Lea shows great promise, she could be worth a lot more than we imagined. ..

Devaun is unable to pay rent again and her roommate Delilah is fed up with her excuses. For the rent money, Devaun is humiliated, punished and fucked in their living room. She gets tied up with ethernet cables, takes a painful zipped on her breasts, gets fucked in the ass and much more.

Bondage rape

Sexy whipping/whipping action


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• 2009-Nov-28 - strap on lesbian butt rape

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Bondage porn Bondage gallery

Little bdsm personals story: Before she could even wonder what fun he might have in mind, she felt the strangle hold at her neck loosen. She certainly couldn't get loose of her belt before he grabbed her again, and getting a neighbor's attention seemed her only hope. Now, I don't want to mark you. Just open your mouth without making a sound, and there won't be any blood spilled from your pretty neck. Her worst nightmare was being threatened with a knife, and all her worst nightmares were coming true today. ..

Pierced Angel enjoys playing in her personal life. She showed up with a big purple bruise on her ass which gave Kym Wilde a good incentive to add more marks to her colorful body. She also gave us a fantastic squirting scene!

Bondage gallery

Sexy/beautiful women submit

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• 2009-Nov-28 - lesbian rape movie clips

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Male spanking Bondage drawings

A bit of bdsm personals story: Now, I get out my slut bucket so I may pee on myself. At the end I fill up my slut glass (as you know sluts love pee). Also, I open all the shades (the windows are facing the street). I'm a slut and need to act this way. I continue denigrating myself. I go to my toys and get my slut block and slut dildo out. Sluts are always sore and used. I have large tits and very large nipples (my nipples became large since I have been doing this. ..

Cherry Torn is very beautiful with a fantastic natural body! She is no stranger to intense bondage play but Claire Adams makes sure she experiences some new sensations. Another great update with creative bondage and interesting corporal punishment!

Bondage drawings

Watch these pain sluts get spanked, whipped, slapped, worship feet, smothered and forced to lick ass in bondage.


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• 2009-Nov-26 - lesbian rape toons

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Extreme torture Torture her tits

Some bdsm personals story: Jeannie hesitates a long time before she answers, They spanked me just like a little girl. Jeannie turns back to your work and you start on your own but your mind is in a turmoil. Rusko's knee turns you on like crazy. You look over at her and pretend that her thighs and buttocks are slowly becoming revealed. You have to bite your tongue while your fingers bring your wet pussy to a shattering orgasm in only a few strokes. ..

Virginia Wood is a friend of Kym Wilde and has seen her work many times. She steps in front of the camera for the first time to fulfill her long time fantasy with a great Dominatrix.

Torture her tits

Real S&M, pictures and videos of female domination, discipline, humiliation and whipping, spanking and caning.

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• 2009-Nov-26 - Hot Shaved Blond MILF is Bounded, fucked and force to squirt.

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Secretary bondage Female bondage

Little bdsm personals story: She had good reason to. The pole jutted up from the floor, gleaming metal. It was thick and stretched the lips of her pussy wide. If she slumped forward, relaxing her pose, the weight would drop down onto the box, completing an electrical circuit. If the weight stayed on the box, the current would continue for twenty seconds, stop for twenty seconds, then start again, and so on, until the connection was broken. ..

Welcome Berlin and her booming body to Hogtied. Sporting huge 38DDs, we tie and abuse those beautiful monster tits. Berlin loves bondage, the tighter the better, the harder the position the harder she gets off. We also force her to cum & cum, as she struggles not to, but the ropes, vibrator, and tight gags all add to the helplessness and take her over the edge. Tied, exhausted and helpless Berlin loved her first day with Hogtied, and wants to return. What say you?

Female bondage

Sexy slaves/women are bound and brought to orgasm

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• 2009-Nov-26 - Tall and stunning, model Jada Fire is forced to squirt

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Bdsm videos Rope bondage

A bit of bdsm personals story: He took them from the closet and making a few jokes, he put them on her wrists and ankles. After the cuffs were on, Anne asked him just what they were for. Let me show you, he answered. There was a little click, and the cuff was snapped onto the `D' ring. Anne tugged at them a little but found that she couldn't get them off. She looked into his eyes and saw that he was smiling. This isn't so bad. ..

Hogtied welcomes newcomer Alexa Von Tess. If you listen to her interview, it is obvious she has never even been interested in bondage. However her body betrays her, and as the rope goes on, her pussy gets soaking wet. We forced orgasm out of orgasm from her, and she tells us they were the most intense that she has ever had. Not only did Alexa Von Tess love what happened to her, but she took our toughness ties well, and our toughest nipple torment with bravery. A category 4 and 5 suspension- and with her arms bound in a leather binder she milked a hard cock with only her mouth. Not what you expect from a new girl. Alexa cannot wait to do it again and hopes to play in her private life now as well. Hogtied: changing the world one girl at a time.

Rope bondage

The best bondage on the net, where women cannot escape


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• 2009-Nov-24 - lesbian rape gallery

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Lesbian torture Teen bondage

Little bdsm personals story: We first met when she came into my offices and inquired as to the design and specification of furniture for a new branch her firm was, at that time, planning on the West Coast. The result of this meeting was a relationship which lasted over a period of over three years and only ended when she went back to New York to assume a position other than the one which she had become used to over those years, that of a submissive and willing partner to many exciting and fulfilling Bondage experiences. ..

Real lovers Phoenix and Loni are back but this time the tables are turned and Phoenix is on the receiving end. Again, both girls are really turned on and we see some body worship including armpits and feet, face smothering, spanking, flogging and fucking in a pile driver position which hits the right spot for Phoenix.

Teen bondage

Genuine power play

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• 2009-Nov-24 - Deliah Strong and Sarah Faye do g/g hardcore bondage.

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Caught in self bondage Cock ball torture

Little bdsm personals story: At the same time, with unspoken eagerness, spanking became part of their games. But, then, as they began to nibble at the more off putting devices, and as they realized the appearances that struck fear could strike with sensuous caresses, they allowed themselves to be drawn into the whole realm of corporal. Both were dressed in party clothes (she in a clinging, leather mini dress which all but bared her breasts, her 6 inch heels he helped her walk ; and he in leather slacks, and black silk shirt and on his feet wellington boots), but the marks of the ropes were still very plainly evident on her wrists and her ankles too if one stooped to look and the marks of his whips were equally evident on her back, thighs and ass (and, if you knew what you were seeing, you could see some of those marks on the backs of her shoulders and just below the hem of her dress). ..

There are two girls today. The was supposed to be one but a spare was found somewhere so they sent her to me. I've used the first one before but never the second. The second says she does girls and likes bondage. She says she can take it all and I should do it all. I bound them together with chains and leather - tight, so they would sweat on each other. I made the first one eat the second one's asshole. I made the second one face fuck the first one's asshole. The first one surprised me with the sheer ferocity of her ass eating. The second one surprised me because she does what she says and says what she does. They'll both be back.

Cock ball torture

An intense exploration in hardcore bondage.

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• 2009-Nov-20 - Sexy mature MILF in leather straps and chain bondage

Posted in bdsmpersonals
Foot torture Foot torture

She twisted her ass on the cushions of the sofa and then started bucking her hips she wanted this device removed from her most private place. When Mary started to thrash in earnest I stopped. I complied, giving the screw another turn and watching the captive cunt lips of the tied brunette's vulva spread even further. But it did not seem like she minded. From: rdragon@ix. com( ) Subject: Bondage Dinner 2/3 Date: 12 Aug 1997 00:00:00 GMT Newsgroups: alt. ..

Two new models, Hailey and Ariel, tender their flesh to be twisted, bound and tormented. New to bondage, Ariel hesitantly agrees to explore the subject. Her test begins with her head locked inside a steel sensory deprivation sphere. The heat of her breath adds to the pitch blackness inside to make the experience stifling as well as disorienting. She breathes a sigh of relief when the sphere is removed, thinking that her ordeal is over, but soon she finds herself forced to bend over, her neck collared and chained to the floor. The muscles in her thighs begin to burn with exertion as she wonders what she has gotten herself into. Hailey receives no leniency either. Soon after she arrives, she finds herself kneeling on the floor, her knees spread wide apart. Her neck and wrists are trapped in a spreader bar and her nose is clamped and attached to a weight in front of her, forcing her to keep her body in a humiliating squat while she is made to answer question after question. A short while later her body is stretched to the limit, pulled up by her wrists and balanced on her knees as she feels the lash of the single tail.

Foot torture

Bound in metal, sex with dildos, safe electro play, all tied up into one!


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• 2009-Nov-12 - rape lesbian movies clips

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Male bondage Bondage fetish

A piece of bdsm personals story: , feeling annoyed, excited and scared all at once. I got a pair of white calf pumps with four inch heels. I had never worn anything so high, and the little bow seemed to scream Fuck me!. The heels must be almost five inches. Each side is made out of five very slim black leather laces that come up out of the sole of the shoe, are gathered together and become one at the back of the heel, where they tie in a VERY sexy bow. ..

Summer Cummings gets treated like a pet, lead around on a leash, spanked and Fucked by Kym Wilde.

Bondage fetish

Real whipping and spanking of beautiful women

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• 1970-Jan-1 - Andy San Dimas suffers exquisitely in slow predicament bondage.

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Clip spanking Hardcore bondage

Oh! You're so wet!! Lisa exclaimed, sliding her hands up the insides of Diane's slick thighs. Hmmm Lisa moaned, then held her hand up for Tim to taste. I'm going to eat your sweet pussy, would you like that? Diane closed her eyes and nodded emphatically yes, her whole body tensing in anticipation. Diane watched Lisa's large tits sag to the sides and jiggle as she scooted under and between Diane's legs. ..

This two part update contains scenes with both Sara Faye and Alexa Von Tess. Each is put through their own personal bondage hell. Alexa is strapped down to the floor, her knees spread wide, arms strappado with a tight harness gag to keep her silent and docile. Tight nipple clamps compel her to arch her already aching body to bend in yet another excruciating way. Sara Faye gets off no easier. Cramped in the bottom of a cold iron cage, rungs are slid through the bars and locked in place, pressing her down, forcing her neck up and her chest forward, presenting her breasts and nipples for easy torment. A bondage lover's delight.

Hardcore bondage

DeviceBondage goes to the edge portraying beautiful women deriving pleasure from BDSM play while restrained with various metal, leather and wooden devices.

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• 1970-Jan-1 - Crystal Frost cums while Hogtied!

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Female domination male slave Male bondage

A piece of bdsm personals story: Three o'clock. She anticipated it with a combination of dread and excitement. She heard the footsteps behind her. She normally had no warning. Kneeling, knees spread far apart. She had assumed the position correctly the first try this time. His hand took her breast, examining it. everywhere. Follow, his single word command. She breathed deeply as she entered the room. He sat in a thickly padded chair. ..

Sasha Sparks, erotic beauty. Tall, dark, sexy! She loves to submit, she wants it taken from her. She loves to struggle, to resist, that is the game she loves to play. From the time the ropes hit her smooth skin she was wet. I look forward to her return.

Male bondage

Real bondage, real bondage loving women/slaves


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Gagged, bound and helpless while restrained by devices

Authentic BDSM power play using metal and leather devices with real female submission

DeviceBondage goes to the edge portraying beautiful women deriving pleasure from BDSM play while restrained with various metal, leather and wooden devices.

DeviceBondage goes to the edge portraying beautiful women deriving pleasure from BDSM play while restrained with various metal, leather and wooden devices.

DeviceBondage goes to the edge portraying beautiful women deriving pleasure from BDSM play while restrained with various metal, leather and wooden devices.


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